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  This page is dedicated to my Aunt Rhoda and Uncle Roy.  When I was growing up I thoroughly enjoyed going to their home and spending time with them and my cousins.  Rhoda And Roy always made me feel welcome in their home and often I would be having such a good time that I did not want to leave.  Also while I was growing up, my immediate family, Rhoda and Roy's family and my grandparents Al and Millie spent many weekends together in a little cottage in northern Wisconsin.  It was through those experiences as a child that I learned the true meaning of family. In those northern woods of Wisconsin I was shown by example what it means to be a loving person.  I remember how beautiful the woods were up there during the different seasons of the year.  But what sticks in my mind the most was the beauty I saw in my family and the shining examples of God's love I saw in my grandparents,  my Aunt Rhoda and Uncle Roy and my own parents.  
  Rhoda, Roy, Scott, Craig and Billy  
  L to R: Rhoda, Roy (Back Row) Scott, Craig & Billy (Front Row)  
Pier Lake Cottage w/ Grandpa Lighting CandlesPier Lake Cottage Family Gathered Around Table  
Grandpa lighting some sort of out of control "candle" Boy Scout project at the cottage Family and friends gathered around the table for a meal while basking in the glow of a Boy Scout project gone awry
Dawn and Grandpa Pier Lake Cottage 1979  Cousins Pier Lake Cottage 1974 
Dawn "curling" grandpa's hair with the community well water pail and metal dipper visible in background. Jacobs grandchildren on lake behind Pier Lake cottage.  "Triple Lutz" anyone?  In my case it was more like triple klutz.
Jacobs Family History   
I was finishing up my studies at UW-Oshkosh in the spring of 1989.  I was between classes one day and ran into my Aunt Rhoda on campus.  That day she was with two or three young women who couldn't have been much over 20.  My Aunt Rhoda I believe was close to 50 at that time.  She decided later in life that she wanted to pursue a college degree.  And to my knowledge she was the only one of her siblings to attend college.  What I remember most about that day was the look of joy and satisfaction on her face and her excitement to be working towards a college degree at that point in her life.

As one of her college projects she put together a very thorough history of the Jacobs family.  She writes about the early family roots in Germany.  A subsequent family move to the Volga river region of Russia and eventual emigration to the United States.  She tells stories of my grandfather's large family growing up on the plains of Kansas, my grandfather eventually meeting my grandmother and the migration to Wisconsin.  She also writes about her own family and her family experiences.  In closing she encourages others to share their family stories and history with their children and grandchildren. 

In her words "our history is too rich and full to let it slip away into oblivion.  We can all learn how our pasts helped carve out our futures.  Why we have certain features and characteristics.  We can see how God played a very important role in all our lives.  Without Him we may have not been able to face all the adversity and struggles we and our ancestors had to face".

Aunt Rhoda started putting our family history into words in January of 1991 although she had carried stories and bits and pieces of information all of her life.  My grandmother (Rhoda's mother) was anxious to see the family history once Aunt Rhoda had finished her work on it.  Tragically my grandmother died in April of 1991 and Aunt Rhoda and her husband Roy were killed in a car accident in Georgia in March of 1992.  Rhoda's daughter Dawn put together her mother's work into individual binders and gave it to each of us family members for Christmas that year.

I believe the professor in charge of the class did not give my Aunt Rhoda a very good grade for all her hard work when she handed in her project.  He probably barely glanced at it and decided to give her a grade not worthy of all the effort she had put into it.  I have reviewed her work myself and have decided to overrule that stupid professor.  I give my Aunt Rhoda a A+ for a most excellent family history and a A+ infinity squared for being a shining example of what it means to be a loving person to her family and a loving individual to all those she came into contact with every single day of her life.
1953 Newspaper article about Casper Jacobs  (My grandfather Al Jacobs father):  
Casper Jacobs Newspaper Article   
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Aunt Rhoda's A+ college family history project:  
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Life on the Kansas Plains   
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