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  This website is dedicated to my father Walter Jacobs and my grandfather Albert Jacobs.  Both were quiet men in their own way but they showed a genuine concern and affection for their fellow man which has affected me to this very day.  
  My dream is to create a site where I can share the music my grandfather loved so well and pass that music on to future generations.  Music so often speaks where words cannot.  Music not only brings families together but it can bring people from all walks of life together in ways one can only imagine.  
  Jacobs Family 1946  
  Jacobs Family 1945 Manitowoc St   
  Jacobs Family Winter Manitowoc St 1945   
  Jacobs Family 1946  
  Al and Walter Carlot Appleton Rd 1967   
  Walter Snowstorm House Appleton Rd 1985   
  Al Jacobs Dulcimer Mtn View AR 1991   


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